3 things to know before EMS training

We all have experienced the temptation and the feeling of excitement before trying out something new or something which we’ve heard about a lot. However, our consciousness makes sure to be prepared for the event or that experience which we are about to have.

Well, this is great and absolutely natural. But, sometimes due to the lack of the information we keep hesitating. Obviously we do our investigations and get the necessary feedback from the trusted sources (our friends or relatives).
But, what if no one knows about it and actually never heard of that particular thing? Well, now we can only rely on the internet…


Hence Body Design EMS has been there (also not sure whether it works or not), we have tested and experienced it on our own. Thus, we are so much in love with EMS. Moreover, we dived deeper and developed our own methods and structures and happy to share it (not only to share, but also to guide and experience it together).

But, just before we make it happen. We have to make sure that we are helping you to improve. Your health and well-being is the utmost priority!

Here are those 3 things to know before you actually go to the EMS training according to the experience of our members (who tried it in another EMS training providers) and of course our very own experience.


  1. The expertise and experience of the trainer.

Hence, it’s one-on-one training, this is one of the key elements which we have to take into consideration.

Moreover, this is vital due to several reasons. Your trainer plays significant role in your journey. The trainer is not only with you during those twenty minutes of the workout, he or she should also be with you after the workout (checking on you after the workout in the same week and suggesting you on the next steps towards your improvement). He or she should share the experience and the knowledge with you. Why? Simply because you will not workout forever here and the mission is to achieve your goal and maintain it. So how you will maintain it? Through acquired knowledge and experience.

Although, do not feel shy to try out the training with the colleague trainers. There is something abstract, like the invisible connection, when people bond together on the mental level. It affects in rising your courage and will to go further.


  1. Contraindications (restrictions) of EMS.

This is the most important factor and must be taken into account. We always suggest, not to be tempted by the features and numbers. Yes, they are great. However, Your Health is Greater than the Goal and Your possible achievements. “it’s better safe – than sorry!”


It is actually the same with any other intensive training course, a comprehensive medical history is required before the first EMS training sessions. As we mentioned above, the goal of the trainer must always be to improve the physical condition of the members.

The mission of Body Design is to bring more happiness and add more health to our members’ life. Thus, we modify and customize each approach according to the individual.

Every person’s goal need to be addressed individually according to several factors.


  1. Testimonials and the feedback.

Well, yes, this could be pretty challenging point. However, mostly we are in the situation where we have nothing to take into account and the only resource is other people (who tried and achieved). Moreover, lately this is one of the most legit factors to consider and make a conclusion.


The experience of other people will give all the answers to our questions.

True, trust factor should be there and the best is to have that experience on your own. Yet, we have to be sure whether EMS works or not (will it help to achieve our goal), cause this is the main reason of our research.

Sadly, half of our members have tried EMS in the different places (please do not misunderstand us, we are not trying to put anyone down, we are just sharing the feedback of our members). They either have achieved minimum results or nothing in comparison to their present results.

To conclude, we highly encourage you to check the factors mentioned above. We do believe that it’s all about your health and well-being and no compromises must be done when it comes down to the most precious in your life.

Our experience, knowledge and expertise should increase, elevate and help in improvement your physical condition. Through improving your physical condition, we can positively impact to the mental state, which in return will affect to all your areas of life.


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