Is EMS training efficient for Back Pain Treatment and Major Rehabilitation?

Life is in motion as we believe. However, due to certain reasons the motion or activities could be limited.
Quite often we face various challenges in life, such as injuries, traumas or other factors which limit us to be active or enjoy our lovely activities.

Sometimes, it’s hard to admit that we won’t be able to return to our previous levels or exercise routines.

Yet, we should not be discouraged, this should be taken as a lesson or a new positive challenge to become even stronger and healthier.

If your doctor told you not to exercise or slow down for a while, there could be a major reason for that.

Most probably he or she wants to play it safe. When we say “play it safe”, we mean “Responsibility”. Obviously, your doctor’s first and utmost aim to help you out. However, mostly they would not prefer to take that responsibility on them.

Why? Well, there is logical reason behind. Due to the lack of knowledge and experience in some certain physical activity we could harm ourselves more than get any benefit (let’s forget for a moment about returning to the previous exercise routine).

Moreover, rehab process is not an easy task to accomplish. It has to be carried out with precise analytics and steps to follow in order to efficiently recover.

Majority of the doctors (therapists and physiotherapists) are aware of the EMS. Because it’s been used for decades to stimulate the muscle in order to preserve or activate it. Yet, their information could not be up to date.


In the traditional therapy, EMS is more applied to a small certain area or a muscle. But how about the whole body training? We have the answer! Within last couple of years of Body Design EMS fitness presence, we have had hundreds of cases when our members are facing similar issues. Thus, we studied, analyzed and tested the approach to rehab training.


We want to share more of the results of our studies and cooperation with the physiotherapists below.


In the past few years EMS training has grown more and more important in the physiotherapy sector. As a result, this sector has had outstanding success in the development and preservation of muscles after injuries or operations.


Initially, a lack of stimulus in the muscle leads to a weakening and then rapid degradation of the non-loaded muscle (atrophy). This results in a lengthy rehabilitation and training time for the patient.

As EMS training can be carried out without placing a high stress on the joints, it is an effective strength training method that can have positive counter effect on the muscle degradation process. Even after surgeries, the muscle development stage can be implemented quicker due to the lack of pressure on the joints.


Another fact to share is great success in treating Back Pain. Here, the advantage of EMS training is that simple exercise ensure a stable muscular corset. Through this the weak, passive structures of the spine are supported and relieved by the static as well as dynamic exercises carried out.


This in turn leads to the muscle environment being loaded with a training effective stimulation right down to the deep muscle layers thereby increasing a strength within a short time while being gentle on the joints.


There are various benefits of the EMS training and above stated is just a couple of genuine examples of them. Our aim is to share more information in order to elevate your body through the knowledge and leading examples.

Kindly keep in mind that every case is unique – so You Are! Thus, given information is a general conclusion from our expertise and it may not match your case. If you are in the state of rehab, first advise with your doctor in order to get all the necessary instructions.


Body Design EMS Fitness is always happy to assist and guide you further to achieve and elevate your fitness level.

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