Why EMS and The “Mindset” to Have

There are Various methods of physical trainings and workouts.

Yet, Not Every Method does work for certain human physiology and Mentality


Well, It’s not only about the way to workout, it’s also about sticking to it and accordingly changing your lifestyle.


Breaking old habits, which may not bring neither positive outcome nor help you anymore. Developing new ones and nurturing them so you can elevate your physique and mindset.


Psychologically human being’s brain system does work to save energy, whether it’s mental or physical. Only by challenging it we are setting New Levels and Standards to operate.

Simply, we are rewriting our minds’ software…


Now, when we know why our mind and body tend to be lazy, we can identify our actions… (It’s fine to be lazy…)

But, we must understand that it should be challenged in the healthy and proper way (smart – not hard).


Quite often, we tend to set way more challenging goals to achieve. As a matter of fact, due to difficulty level, after couple of attempts we either slow down or simply quit (think about New Year Resolutions…)


Have You Ever thought WHY?


Well, it is commonly related to the PLAN of the Resolution.

We tend to overestimate our capabilities or oversimplify our Goals by lack of Understanding and Preparation.


Now, as we can see, we should not quit, but simply modify the steps of our approach to Break, Change, Follow and Adapt!


Here at Body Design EMS Fitness we PLAN your Journey. First, by understanding Your Goal! Let’s say it’s a weight-loss.


“But there are many ways to lose weight…!”

True, there are dozens of methods and ways to lose the weight. All of them might be good, however, if it would so simple – you wouldn’t be reading this now 🙂


After Analysis of Your Lifestyle and Body we are able to Plan and Suggest what to exclude, eliminate or substitute.

Important note, those changes must not over exceed individual’s capabilities and must not disturb common patterns of the lifestyle.


Once the process has started, You Follow and Nurture those small changes, slowly adapting them to Your Lifestyle patterns.


Almost similar process is being done with the training part. Great Advantage – Personal Trainer. You will be acquiring new knowledge and experience in Fitness, which stays with You… Forever… (of course if You Practice).


Tailored exercises, easy to perform and modified according to every individual’s body and physiques make Your Fitness Journey Convenient.

Creating a Courage to attend and impatiently wait for the next training.


Step by step, training by training and week by week You will be able to Feel those changes in You!


What happens after? 🙂 Once you start Noticing them – You Fall in Love with the Process and Increase the pace and the effort! (We call it natural motivation).


Another Superb Fact is – 20 minutes! Just 20 minutes a week! (Yes, you may think “what a nonsense…”

We highly encourage You to try and experience it before any conclusions.

We will make sure You Enjoy it 🙂


Thorough Analysis of Your Goal and Body equals to Properly Modified Training. Which is the easiest and fastest way to achieve Your Fitness Goal!


Yes, we haven’t forgotten about The Most Important Part of Your Journey – Nutrition!

As mentioned above, It is one of the KEY ELEMENTS to Fitness SUCCESS!


We are ready to Guide You Further, just click the link below and fill out a short application form So You Can Change, Implement and Adapt! To Achieve, Succeed and Maintain Your Fitness Results!




P.S. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the single step”



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